The Rise of Northern Music

De Cloud

Globally, trend of music has changed from the traditional use of instrument to produce music to the rhymes and rhythm from the ghetto.
From rise of the Compton boys to substitute the existing jazz and blues to the introductions of genres and rhythms to music worldwide.
In Ghana, the story isn’t different. There existed the traditional melodies of Agya Koo Nimo, Adofo, Ampadu, etc. and the rhythmical ingenuity of great bands such as Osibisa, Western diamonds, etc. those tunes still sends shivers to the spin.
In the early 1990s, there was a shift from the cultural instrumental music making to the studio based beat making and rap.

Hip life grandpa Reggie Rockstone and co can be credited for that.
The music in Northern Ghana has had it shares of this evolution of genres. From the musical prowess of Atongo, Sherrif Ghally, King Ayisoba, Ahmed Adams, KKC, and so on. The likes of Kawastone took the baton and introduced the then hip life ravaging the music genres in Ghana.
Since then the northern music industry has seen a sharp rise. The introduction of Wiyala and other talented artists has shifted the eyes of music players to their roots.

There has been a lot of upcoming artists that are taking on the mantle and are producing good music. One of such artiste is the leader of Level 6x Movement, De Cloud.

Born on April 16, 1994, Wumpini Mohammed Abdul Razak hails from Tamale, the regional capital of Northern region where he attended school from primary to Senior High.

He started doing music in 2009, whereby it was basically for fun. In 2012, friends who listened to a few supposed “joke” mix tapes he did encouraged him to do full time music.
This motivated him to combine music and schooling. This paid off and he released several mix tapes with others artistes. Some includes “Tomorrow” on which he featured Mak D, “Bad Boy” ft. Sapark, “Feel Me” ft. SKY, “Mpa Sheeje” ft. Spider.

Later, he released a song titled “Azonto Boyz Abr3” and followed it with “I am Rap” and “Buupii Kulikuli”.
Last year during the Ebola outbreak, he released a dedication song to the victims of the pandemic titled “Ebola”. Early 2016, he shook the music industry in Tamale with his hit song “I Fly High”. He then followed it with a thank you song titled “Jermah” meaning, “worship”.

On November 2nd, he registered his displeasure for the social media platform Facebook. He then released a song to that effect called “letter to Mark Zuckerberg” which is making waves in Tamale.
His recent hip hop bangers includes “you mmom” featuring Obeezy and “Dead man standing”.
He draws his inspirations from the works of hip-hop maestro Eminem. And his aim is to win big at the BET, GRAMMY’S and so on.

Contact: +233206665591     contact@decloudhq,com

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