Gas explosion in Tinga, 9 dead 7 injured

The exploded parts of the truck


An articulator truck carrying gas cylinders has exploded in Tinga, about 30 miles from Bole in the northern region killing nine (9) and injuring seven (7).

The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon close to the town central where traders are going about their activities. Eye witness account indicates that the high nature of the speed rumps put up by the townspeople to check over speeding of vehicles in the town caused the truck to loose control upon climbing it, thereby causing the accident.

The explosion also destroyed near by houses and properties. The truck was heading towards the Upper West regional capital Wa when the accident occurred.

Sources also indicate that the timely intervention of the district fire service helped controlled the fire from spreading.

The injured were rushed to the Bole government hospital, sources say.

Savanna Diaries/Harison Wenawome


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