MENTAL health structure needed urgently

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Lack  of a permanent mental health facility is making treatment of mental patients very difficult in the Upper West region. Mental Health Coordinator Randy Sedem Agbodo is therefore advocating that a substantive mental health facility be put in place for both staff and patients to ensure effective treatment processes. Mr. Agbodo said this in interview at Wa.

The mental health Act 846 clearly stipulates that every regional hospital should have a mental health wing where patients can be admitted for close observation.
However in the Upper West Region, providing therapy for mental patients who need to be kept in a facility and observed by health workers becomes a challenge as there is no permanent facility dedicated to that course. Mental Health Coordinator, Randy Agbodo says lack of permanent mental health facility is very worrying. He said they have over thirty nurses yet no facikity to allow smooth working procedure. He indicated that the region has no psychiatrist and other specialist who attend to mental health patients.

Mr Agobo believes rehabilitation of mental patients will be effective and efficient if there is a permanent facility.
He said the longest they are able to admit patients is for five days and their nurses are unable to frequent the wards because they are not on the medical wards.
This he said makes observation difficult as some of the patient need to be kept under close observation in order to determine their condition and the therapy to provide.

He said his outfit has on several occasions lobbied key policy makers in the region to include a permanent mental health wing in the new regional hospital which is currently under construction.


Savanna Diaries/Lydia Darlington Fordjour, Wa

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