6 Signs A Woman Is A Sex Addict

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Women also experience problems of sex addiction despite the misconception that it’s only men who go through that. Here are some of the signs your woman is a sex addict and she might end up causing you a ton of problems. You just need to see the movie ‘Addicted’ to understand the type of mess that you will end up in.

1. Glad to be a magnet of attention

Women who suffer from sex addiction require the attention of more than one person. She could go as far as she can to be a magnet for many men. So, be careful if your partner spreads her charm on all friends, colleagues and your boss, or a man she’s just met.

2. Always in a relationship

This type of woman is always in a relationship. Her past relationships continue to push forward a new series of relationships with another man. It’s not so much that she needs the genuine warmth and security of a relationship. She is expecting something out of it and that is sex.

3. Sex everywhere

No matter what you say to her, she will probably twist the meaning or always allude to sex . She will attach every conversation with that which eventually leads to bonking.

4. Sex is a drug

For all the pain, anxiety, and problems, the only drug that works for her is sex. She can not forget it. It’s the answer to everything. Not even talking or getting advice will help.

5. Too often, too fast

That expectation of the relationship. While most normal women are okay by just by kissing and hugging, she’s on fire with burning desire to be in bed with you, with full command of you, of course. She doesn’t want the lite stuff, the bonding moments or anything.

6.Reject her and see her reaction

Not everyone has moments where they feel like getting it on. Their partners are okay with the ordinary ‘not today’ ‘i’m tired’ lines. Dare to refuse an addict and see the drama which unfolds. Their behavior will border on psychosis. These include spitting on you, depression, withdrawal from everything including you and sometimes suicide tendencies.


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