National Democratic Congress (NDC) Northern regional communication member, Abubakar Mashud Wumpini, has refute what he calls “a fallacy and misrepresentation of facts views”.

Mr. Wumpini expressed his disappointment over a discussion that according to him, seeks to misrepresent the facts on an incidence that occurred between himself and one Mr. Latif during a political discussion on Bishara radio last Monday.

Below is the letter from Mr. Wunpini addressed to the management of Ntv, clarifying facts that was distorted during the said show.


Post Office Box 206 E/R
8th September, 2017.

The General Manager
North Television

Dear Sir,

I am compelled by irresistible circumstances to proffer a reaction to a story you aired on your media on DINCHANA-TRENDING show on Tuesday September 5, 2017 at about 8:00pm.
On this said program, you told viewers that, one Wumpini (myself), an NDC panelist on Bishara Radio Newspaper Review segment hit one Kofi Latif, an NPP panelist causing injury to his forehead.
I wish to state unequivocally that what the host, Mohammed Hafiz said on his show is a fallacy and a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts. The facts of the matter are as follows:
1. Kofi Latif was not a panelist on that program. He joined the program after 40 minutes when the regular NPP panelist on the show did not turn up. I was the first Panelist to show up at the program contrary to Mr. Hafiz’s claims that I came in late.
2. According to Kofi Latif, he was at home monitoring the program and became furious due to my submission.
3. We were given the opportunity to give our closing remarks. When it was the turn of Kofi Latif, he accused the host of bias (apparently because I stated a fact and he proved it via his computer).
4. The program did not end successfully as several opportunities were offered Kofi Latif to make his closing submission and he was rather ranting.
5. I then got up to leave the studio and he hit me on the face causing injury to my forehead. The host intervened but his suit was torn in the process by Kofi Latif.
6. After the incident, I in the company of the NDC Regional Communications Officer reported the case to the Regional Police before seeking medical attention at the Tamale Central Hospital.
7. I am not a butcher as stated by Mohammed Hafiz on his show. It is rather Kofi Latif who is a butcher.
After my attention was drawn to this injustice done me, I called him and complained about the misrepresentation.He said I should remind him on Thursday 7th September. I called him on the said day and he said he will call back since it was raining. Since then I have not heard from him and he has not answered my phone calls either.
I have been speaking for and on behalf of the NDC for over seven (7) years now. Over these years, I have not had any altercation with anybody because I am aware as a political communicator that my job is to educate the public with facts and figures. Besides, my party did not send me there to fight and that is why I refused to retaliate in the midst of provocation.
Since Monday 4th September, 2017 when the incident occurred, various media outlets including Ghana Web have reported it. On Tuesday morning, the Programs Manager of Bishara Radio granted an interview to Radio Tamale and Diamond FM where the facts were laid bare. It is therefore strange for the manager of the station (DJ Parara to give wrong information to Mr. Mohammed Hafiz without speaking to the host of the program). What motive do you have against me?
North Television is a reputable station that seeks to educate, inform and entertain the masses just like any other media outlet. I therefore view the misrepresentation of your employee as an attempt to smear my hard won reputation and misinform the general public about the incident. The host of the program on that day is available to corroborate the facts I have catalogued. His assertion that the General Manager of Bishara Radio briefed him about the incident amazes me since he was not at the scene. I do not know the motive behind the misrepresentation of the incident by the General Manager of Bishara Radio to the host of Dinchana-Trending.
Let me also put it on record that Kofi Latif has since apologised to me though the matter was reported at the Police Station.
By this rejoinder, I am requesting your station to retract the misrepresentation and lay the bare facts on Dinchana-Trending. There are other avenues available to me but I have chosen this medium to get the matter settled with your station.
It is my fervent hope that this request of mine would be granted to put this matter to rest.

Yours faithfully,
Abubakari Mashud Wumpini
(NDC Regional Communications Team Member)


Savanna Diaries/Safiani Fuseinu, Tamale

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