Veteran musician Basit Zakaria a.k.a Tuuba Dagbomba s.k.a Tuba Zak’s has expressed an uncontrollable desire for attention and acknowledgment from one of Ghana’s ‘A’ rated musician Sarkodie.

Tuba became the first artist from Tamale to have recorded a song with Sarkodie entitled ‘we dey suffer” in 2009, which later became a hit song across the country.

According to close sources within the northern entertainment industry, Sarkodie failed to be part of that video for the song because of an allege ingratitude and disrespect displayed towards him ‘Sarkodie’, forcing Tuba to sing and rap to the camera, which later affected the video for their 2009 collaboration.

In a Facebook post, the Tabaaya hit singer angrily demanded an unqualified acknowledgment from Sarkodie saying that, ” Sark I deserve big acknowledgement from u when ever u are in tamale. My song we dey suffer introduced u first to the North, and I got u your first tamale stadium in 2009. anyway nice show with my boy gadam nation. Don’t forget Last 2 soldier”.

Tuba earlier in an attempt to capture the attention of Sarkodie posted on his Facebook page expressing how badly he is in need of money to make videos for his new songs. “I need money for videos #money #cash #InstaTags4Likes #green #dough #bills #crisp #benjamin #benjamins #franklin #franklins #bank #payday @appslejandro #hundreds #twentys #fives #ones #100s #20s #greens #photooftheday #instarich #instagood #capital #stacks #stack #bread #paid”.

However some fans of Sarkodie have it that, Tuba Zak’s, is suffering from frustration since his exile and even from the time he is been on the ‘bench’ by more young talents in the northern, hence, seeking refuge in Accra.



Robicon Mornahson, Radio Tamale (91.7 FM)

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