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Thousands of supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bole-Bamboi Constituency at the weekend embarked on a health walk to garner support for the party.

Alhaji Yussif Sulemana who is the NDC Parliamentary Candidate led the walk, reiterated the commitment of the constituency to make the minimum 85% votes.

According to him, the home constituency of the President cannot afford to be left out of the party’s victory and therefore stated that the walk was aimed at sending a signal to the NPP that they have no chance in the constituency.

“We are fired up and will convincingly win the seat because a lot has happened under John Dramani Mahama. The crowd you are seeing here today is just a tip of the iceberg. The elephant will be chased into the bush forever”, he said.

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Dig deeper than surface-level.

We all have experienced fear, and sometimes, it saves our lives. We have inherited the “fight or flight” response that allowed cave men and women to escape with their lives or fight to survive another day.

In modern times, many of us suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and we may live in fight or flight when the danger is more imaginary than real. Is commitment really that scary and dangerous?

I’ve taught so many people how to create deep levels of intimacy and joy in relationships they had told me were hopeless because they thought many things were hopeless based on old habits of negativity and worry.

Many times, we may fight or flee when someone standing next to us wouldn’t perceive any danger at all. Does this happen to you; and after you’ve run away or fought with someone have you realized that you over-reacted and that you were actually safe?

And if you’ve noticed this in a long-term relationship, are you regretting the drama and all the energy wasted on arguments and break-ups? Or perhaps you’ve missed so many opportunities and you find that your life has become very limited to the few people and environments that you believe are safe?

Here are the 5 secrets to transforming your fear of commitment that you need to know:

1. Pinpoint where you fear came from.

Understand that this fear comes from an old habit that leads you to tell yourself stories that probably aren’t true.

Have you investigated your beliefs and found that you have real proof that you should break up? What may be the underlying issue is not your partner’s behavior as much as your personal history and your habit of fear.

Secret: To be successful in all relationships your life, you can’t predict the future based on the past if you learn new skills in the present. When you learn how to examine the facts of any situation, you can make an informed, practical, non-emotional choice which frees you from the exhaustion of fight or flight.

2. Examine your needs and your partner’s needs.

Are you similar enough to create a life together? Are you both monogamous? Are you both financially stable? Are you both passionate and adventurous?

Are there areas where you are fundamentally different and unwilling to compromise and how important are these areas to each of you?

If one of you isn’t monogamous this could be fatal; if money is a problem or if you live far away and neither of you is willing to move then you may not have a future.

3. Understand that most commitments are really just temporary.

Temporary can even just be 20 years. When you realize this you can dilute your fear of the idea of commitment right away and focus on what you want.

Making clear and doable commitments for months rather than years is a great way to begin a new relationship.

Thus, sexual monogamy with a new partner for one month and then another month and then six months and then a year and then ultimately if you both agree for a lifetime is a great way to avoid your fear that may have nothing to do with your choice of partner.

4. Master peaceful communication and learn how to calm yourself before speaking.

Have some self-empathy and offer empathy, calming your partner when he or she is triggered and upset. When we are calm and we facilitate our partner becoming calm then it is possible to discuss and resolve anything.

The heart space conversation allows you to eliminate all the “personality” problems that cause most relationships to die a hideous death. Instead, you can motivate and inspire peace, joy, intimacy, affection and all that makes a relationship wonderful.

5. Practice commitment — and not just commitment to commitment.

As The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and every other enlightened book has taught us; once we give our word we must keep our word because that is how we transform our situations and our life.

When you commit yourself to being a boyfriend or a girlfriend, an employee, a friend, even a neighbor; it is your commitment that will shift everything. YOU make the difference, not THEM; not HIM, not HER.

Once you are committed everything shifts and this was the theme adopted by The Scottish Himalayan Expedition long ago:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” — William Hutchison Murray

Please remember that your fear is about you, about your perspective and your biochemistry. Sometimes fear begins with brain chemistry that inexplicably shifts; sometimes it is situational fear, fear based on your story about the past and the future.

When you learn more skills, and master more tools your increased abilities generate different results.


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There are indications that a number of youth groups of the ruling National Democratic in the Salaga South  constituency of the Northern Region, may not  be voting for the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Ibrahim  Dey.

Even though the Salaga NDC ward chairman Mr Issifu Dantawuri is averse to the stance of the youth groups, they are promising an overwhelming win for President John Draamani Mahama, but said same cannot be promised for the MP.

At an emergency meeting to address the impasse at Moshie Zongo, leaders of the groups insisted that they are only interested in the president’s victory and not Ibrahim Dey and have subsequently   declared their unflinching support for an independent candidate Janda Adams Mahama and John Dramani Mahama.

According to the youth, they cannot continue to support the MP who has refused account to them any development under his eight-year stewardship and as such will vote “skirt and blouse”.

The youth have since removed posters of the incumbent MP and replaced them with that of the independent parliamentary candidate alongside president.



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Minister of Employment & Labour relation & MP for Tamale south, Non Haruna Iddrisu
Minister of Employment & Labour relation & MP for Tamale south, Non Haruna Iddrisu


What was supposed to be a National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) debate for parliamentary candidates in the Tamale South constituency of the Northern region, turned out to be a one man show as all four aspirants from the various political parties failed to show up.

The Minister of Employment and Labour Relations and  Tamale South lawmaker Haruna Iddrisu, was the only person who showed up for the event and had a field day.

According officials of the NCCE, the rest had indicated their preparedness to attend the event  after the date and venue was communicated to them but did not give any reason for their absence at the weekend.

Organizers, who were hopeful they will still attend, delayed the proceedings for more than an hour but this did not change anything compelling them to allow the Minister answer questions as well as unveil his vision for the constituency.

Among the issues he touched on was empowering women engaging in petty trade in the constituency by providing them with interest free loans.

“The people of the North, particularly the women are very sincere and genuine to deal with when it comes to micro credit and so support to them in the form of micro credit is what I have been doing to support our mothers”, he revealed.

He also listed a number of interventions in education, infrastructure and youth empowerment he has embarked on in the past which has improved various sectors within the constituency, promising to do more during his next term in parliament.



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Labour & Employment Minister, Hon Haruna Iddrisu


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale South Constituency Haruna Iddrisu has embarked on a voter education aimed at reducing the number of rejected ballots within the constituency.

According to him, it is also a way of ensuring that he secures the 70,000 votes target he has set for himself at the December 7 polls promising to also snatch all polling stations.

The outspoken legislator who has for three consecutive terms proven his superiority over the New Patriotic Party (NPP) since succeeded the seat from the late Alhaji Mustapha Ali Idris, is optimistic the NDC will win the 2016 polls.

Haruna Iddrisu says even though there are challenges facing the economy, youth unemployment and problems with the education system, the President has put in place the requisite measures to address them hence he must be supported.

“We have a duty and responsibility to support President John Dramani Mahama to succeed. There are challenges but we must support him to have a sacred eight years,” he said.

The Minister, who is seeking a fourth term as a legislator, said his works in the nation’s Parliament have been to re-echo their aspirations and wishes for the past 12 years. “I have been a strong advocate and work to reflect your challenges,” he said.



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President Mahama begins his campaign tour of the Upper East Region this afternoon.

The President ended a hugely successful tour of the Upper West Region last night with the inauguration of another Community Day Senior High School at Lambussie.

He also cut sod for the development of a Farmer Service Center at Gwollu.

During the Upper West tour, President Mahama also inspected work on the almost completed Water Project to provide the people of Wa and its surrounding communities with over 3 million gallons of water every day.

The President remains confident NDC will win all Parliamentary seats in the Upper West Region come December 7.

He is expected to address a mammoth rally in Bolga this evening.



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Ivor Greenstreet, CPP presidential candidate
Ivor Greenstreet, CPP presidential candidate

The Convention People’s Party’s (CPP) Presidential Candidate, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, has hinted of the party’s resolve to use all its arsenals to retain the Kumbungu Parliamentary seat in the Northern Region.

According to him, the party is restrategizing to safeguard the only seat they are bragging with nationwide. The party’s incumbent Member of Parliament, Hon. Moses Amadu Yahaya, won the seat through a by-election in 2013. He is facing stiff competition from the governing National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Parliamentary candidate, Ras Mubarak, and the New Patriotic Party’s Iddrisu Muktar Dems in the 2016 race.

Ivor Kobina Greenstreet during his campaign tour of the constituency, appealed to the chiefs and people there to renew Hon. Moses Amadu Yahaya’s mandate. He said the MP deserved another term to build on the solid foundation he has laid.

According to him, Hon. Moses Amadu Yahaya’s achievements within three years are unmatched with his predecessors.

The CPP Presidential candidate assured the Kumbungu constituents of accelerated development when he is elected into office.

He advised them to ignore the NDC and NPP campaign promises, and massively vote for the CPP at the polls.

Ivor Greenstreet addressed Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the constituency, and encouraged them to consider him as their saviour in the 2016 Presidential race.

He reiterated the CPP’s commitment to give the nation’s PWDs free education, health care, employment and transportation. He paid courtesy calls on the chiefs of Kumbungu, Dalung, Zangbaling, Gbulung and Zugu where he addressed mini rallies.

Kumbungu MP Hon. Moses Amadu Yahaya claimed his track record warranted renewal of his mandate.

He promised to lobby for more projects to uplift the constituency’s image. The Kumbungu Legislator thanked his constituents for their support to the CPP. His campaign slogan is “Titumya, kanayentum” to wit we have worked and yet to do more.

Hon. Moses Amadu Yahaya has so far seen to the construction of feeder roads, bridges, supported some selected women with micro finance credit, provided scholarship packages and helped smallholder farmers with farm inputs.



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File Photo
File Photo

“Wrong choices”

If you marry the wrong person you will end up with the wrong marriage.

2. “Marrying for the wrong reasons”
Why are you two getting married? Is it because you love and need each other or because you were pressured to get married, you want social status, you want to be like your peers, you are scared you are aging, you are desperate, you had a child together? The wrong motive yields frustrating outcomes.

3. “A culture in a rush”
We live in a culture of quick fix, some rush into marriage and what could have been a great love suffers disjointed growth, the foundation is not properly laid. You may meet the right person but mess it because of haste.

4. “Mismanaged expectations”

Marriage is not a bed of roses, there will be ups and downs; emotional, physical, financial, sexual and social challenges. If you are not prepared, marriage will take a toll on you. Pre-marital counseling or sufficient agreement on key matters before getting married helps you two navigate your marriage.

5. “A dangerous dating scene”
The dating scene today can be dangerous, people have become superficial, wary, suspicious and cunning. The dating scene has left many empty, bitter and confused. If you have not healed from the drama of this dating scene you will carry your baggage into marriage darkening your home.

6. “Public attack on marriage”
There has been a lot of public mockery on the institution of marriage. Many no longer believe in love or marriage yet they will come celebrate with you on a colourful wedding. If you pay attention to this unbelief and mockery you will also start losing faith in your marriage. Be ready to defend your love in a lost world.

7. “Poor communication skills”
Two people can love each other, get married and yet not know how to communicate. Do you know how to relate, how to live in the same house with another? Poor communication breeds misunderstandings and pointless conflicts.

8. “Peer pressure”
Wrong friends can have a negative influence on you. You want to make your marriage work but your friends distract you or tell you you’re too soft, too nice, too sat on by your spouse. To please your friends you wreck your home.

9. “Lack of discipline”
Marriage will have its challenges. If you are not disciplined and get veered off easily, you will give up when the going gets tough. Be disciplined and you will enjoy love.

10. “Weak morals and character”
Marriage, love is not for the morally bankrupt. It takes character, doing good and the pursuit of a better you to be a great spouse and parent.

11. “Increase in selfishness”
You cannot love and be selfish at the same time. You cannot build a marriage with someone but only be thinking about yourself and your needs.

12. “Glossy temptations”
We live in the era when cheating and not being loyal is glorified and sang about. The era of sleeping around is made to appear as the norm. An era where porn shapes our sexuality, casual sex is Ok, covering up unfaithfulness is easy, cheating over the phone and internet is easy and private, many women don’t mind stealing husbands, many men play and it’s cool, an era of seductive clothing; if one is weak, it is easy to fall.

13. “Children”
Many couples fail to prepare for the changes that happen when a child/children come into their home, and so the child/children that should be a blessing become a source of tension. The two loved each other when they got married, but once parenthood began, their love and warmth in the home suffers; he feels she has neglected him, she feels he is not doing enough.
14. “Lack of children”
Some marriages suffer because the couple can’t have children no matter how hard they try. They fail to realize children are a gift and not a right in marriage.

15. “Religion”
Religion is such a personal thing, when the two are strong in faith and the two are of different faiths; it will be difficult to govern the marriage. The conflict in faith will affect almost all perceptions and focus. They can’t pray together or worship together, making attempts not to interfere with each other’s space.

16. “Secrets”
Secrets that emerge in marriage can be harmful to the home, especially when you realize your spouse deliberately kept something from you so important and major. Trust issues emerge.

17. “Boredom”
Yes, living in the same house, doing the same thing year in year out can be boring; you need to spice up your marriage. It is difficult to get bored when you marry your best friend, when you both keep yourself attractive, when you both get to try out new things as a couple.

18. “Pathetic sex life”
If you cannot enjoy sex in your marriage, where will you enjoy sex? A healthy sex life is crucial in marriage.

19. “In-laws”
His family and her family if allowed to can knowingly or unknowingly mess up the marriage. Love your parents but don’t allow them to damage your home.

20. “Incompatibility”
It is important to marry someone you are compatible with intellectually, emotionally, sexually. Compatibility keeps the connection going so you don’t struggle. Sometimes a couple can start on the same page and then years down the line they drift apart, one advances more than the other and they no longer have things in common.

21. “Poor conflict resolutions”
There will be arguments, misunderstandings, bad days, foul moods and moments you two offend each other or fall short. If you don’t agree on how to handle such moments and do as agreed, your marriage is in trouble.

22. “Money”
The lack of, scarcity of, or abundance of money; the misuse or abuse of money can lead to problems in marriage. View money as a tool and means to love, acquire and use this tool wisely.

23. “Straying away from God”
If the Lord doesn’t build a home, they labour in vain them that build it. Marriage is God’s idea. Perhaps too many marriages are falling or decaying because we have neglected God. Evidence shows that when man and wife submit to God and God reigns in the marriage, the marriage is strong and fruitful.

24. “Lack of role models”
We have a shortage of good husbands and wives in society to look up to. We need more fruitful marriages to prove to us marriage works, so that even when our own marriage is threatened, we look at the model marriages and get inspired to work on our marriage.

25. “A generation of broken families”
Alot of us in our generation grew up in broken homes, homes full of domestic violence, single parenthood homes due to circumstance caused by love gone bad; and so we lacked being exposed to what true love between man and woman looks like. We grew up confused and looking for our own definition of love and so we try to build whole homes because we don’t

want a broken home like the one we came from. Sometimes we fail because wholeness was not what we were exposed to.

26. “Hurting people hurting others”
There are many hurting people in this world. Hurt by their childhood, by their parents, by rapists, by a bully, by the marketplace, by society, by their own failures; they take this hurt into their marriage. Heal my friend, heal; or else you will walk around hurting your spouse, your children and the people around you.

27. “Opportunistic spouses”
Some marry to exploit someone, to get someone’s wealth or privileges. These opportunistic people will have no use for the marriage once they get what they want.

28. “Lack of a support system”
Each marriage needs a support system of friends and family to help the marriage stand. People who are happy for you and your spouse and encourage you two to make it work.


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File Photo
File Photo

There have been clashes between supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Nakpayili in the Wulensi Constituency the Northern Region.

Citi News’ Mohammed Alabira who visited the area said the two groups clashed over piece of land which belongs to the second vice chairman of the NPP.

Some supporters of the NDC reportedly wanted to mount a shed on NPP Vice Chairman, Mr. Abdulai’s, plot of land on Tuesday and that escalated into the clashes.

Mr. Abdulai recounted that, “the NDC boys invaded his plot and they didn’t accept that before you do that, you need to consult the owner of the plot.”

“They [NDC boys] mounted the shed and the following morning, they gathered themselves and insulted them and that begun the quarrel. So they said no, we cannot sit down and be looking at you so they fought about that,” Mr. Abdulai said.

The chief in the area subsequently “called them and asked them to leave and take their thing away and that the chief will take over the land after everything,” he said.

The NDC in Wulensi was however unhappy with the chief’s involvement as it contended that it was a party affair, according to its constituency chairman, Afa Sulemana Alura Naa.

Mr. Alura Naa however expressed concern with the Police’s handling of the issue as he said the police were not proactive enough in dealing the clashes. “Our Youth Organiser went to the police station reported it before them. We told them to cause an arrest and they refused.

They told us that they would just come and advise all the parties,” he revealed. Mr. Alura Naa that Wulensi is noted to be a flashpoint area during elections and “this is why we say they should take immediate action in dealing with situations like this. We don’t want it to escalate to certain things and situations whereby it would be beyond reasonable control.”



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Women also experience problems of sex addiction despite the misconception that it’s only men who go through that. Here are some of the signs your woman is a sex addict and she might end up causing you a ton of problems. You just need to see the movie ‘Addicted’ to understand the type of mess that you will end up in.

1. Glad to be a magnet of attention

Women who suffer from sex addiction require the attention of more than one person. She could go as far as she can to be a magnet for many men. So, be careful if your partner spreads her charm on all friends, colleagues and your boss, or a man she’s just met.

2. Always in a relationship

This type of woman is always in a relationship. Her past relationships continue to push forward a new series of relationships with another man. It’s not so much that she needs the genuine warmth and security of a relationship. She is expecting something out of it and that is sex.

3. Sex everywhere

No matter what you say to her, she will probably twist the meaning or always allude to sex . She will attach every conversation with that which eventually leads to bonking.

4. Sex is a drug

For all the pain, anxiety, and problems, the only drug that works for her is sex. She can not forget it. It’s the answer to everything. Not even talking or getting advice will help.

5. Too often, too fast

That expectation of the relationship. While most normal women are okay by just by kissing and hugging, she’s on fire with burning desire to be in bed with you, with full command of you, of course. She doesn’t want the lite stuff, the bonding moments or anything.

6.Reject her and see her reaction

Not everyone has moments where they feel like getting it on. Their partners are okay with the ordinary ‘not today’ ‘i’m tired’ lines. Dare to refuse an addict and see the drama which unfolds. Their behavior will border on psychosis. These include spitting on you, depression, withdrawal from everything including you and sometimes suicide tendencies.


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Parliamentary debate organized  for parliamentary candidates in the Salaga South constituency was unceremoniously brought to an end with confusion between supporters of one of the independent candidates  team and that of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The whole incident started when various unionized groups were given the opportunity by moderators of the program to present questions to ask the candidates with a condition that the person is not engaged in active politics.

One Mohammed Siiba who introduced himself as a member of the East Gonja Graduates Association got up to ask a question but was apparently stopped by the  NDC supporters which erupted a confusion leading to the untimely end of the program.

Earlier, the district election task force chaired by the district police commander DSP Amenu had cautioned party communicators to be circumspect in their utterances and approach  issues rather than  engaging in politics of insults.

The police have since been able to calm the situation. Meanwhile the confusion according to him is enough evident  that there is more work to be done and promised the preparedness of the security and the district election task force to ensure a violent free election.

In all six candidates are contesting the Salaga South constituency parliamentary seat including the  NDC, NPP, PNC, CPP, and two INDEPENDENT candidates.



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Dr Mahamudu Bawumia
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, running mate to Nana Akufo-Addo, has said that President John Mahama has through his actions and inactions, soiled the Northern brand, which was known to be one of integrity and honesty, with corruption.

Speaking at Balungu in the Bongo Constituency on Tuesday at the commencement of his four-day tour of the Upper East region, Dr. Bawumia urged the people of the North not to vote for Mahama and the NDC because doing that will mean a continuation of the massive corruption and stealing that has been witnessed in the last eight years, and which has become the hallmark of the John Mahama-NDC administration.

“John Mahama’s government is the most corrupt government in the history of Ghana. Dollar for dollar, cedi for cedi, this government is the most corrupt in our history. And yet he tells the people of the North to vote for him because he is our brother. Why does your government steal from Northerners if you care for Northerners and why do you want us to give you another opportunity to steal more from the people you say you are trying to protect?” he asked.

Touching on the legacy of President Mahama and the NDC government, Nana Akufo-Addo’s Running Mate observed that solely as a result of the actions and inaction of the President and the people close to him had damaged the long-held view that Northerners eschewed corruption and were honest people.

He recalled Northerners of yesteryear and noted the diligence and integrity with which they selflessly and proudly served their people and worked in various capacities without any thought whatsoever about personal gains, but expressed sadness at how the current government, led by someone who proudly describes himself as a Northern President, has thrown all these principles away.

Let us face it, John Mahama’s government is a disgrace to Northerners. Northerners were always a proud people. We value our integrity. We don’t have money but we have pride. We are seen as honest people. This is the way our fathers worked, honesty was the guiding principle of Northerners. We are honest and value our integrity. But today thanks to John Mahama, the people of Ghana are viewing us very differently”, he stated.

Dr. Bawumia called on the people of the North to therefore vote against the NDC’s Presidential Candidate and the NDC in the coming elections as the NDC had over 8 years demonstrated gross disregard for the people of the North and had gone ahead to even destroy the time-tested Northern brand.

“Therefore it is time to restore the pride of Northerners and the way we are going to restore that Pride is to get rid of this John Mahama corrupt government. It is not doing Northerners any good and this is why we have to vote for Nana Akufo-Addo”, he added.

Dr. Bawumia’s Upper East Regional Tour comes on the back of a month long tour of the Northern Region which saw him visit 27 constituencies in the Region.


Source: Boadu Kwabena


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File Photo

The overlord of the Gonja Traditional Kingdom, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa I was sworn in as the President of the Northern regional House of Chiefs at a full house meeting in Tamale.

Yagbonwura succeeds the paramount chief of the Mamprusi Traditional area, Naa Mahamai Sheriga Bohagu after his four-year tenure of office.

Naa Mahama after handing over the presidency of overlord of Gonjaland was also sworn into office as vice president and president respectively unopposed.

Our regional correspondent, Prince Kwame Tamakloe said the newly elected President of the House of Chiefs went unopposed.



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A man of wisdom. A selfless man. A committed and dedicated person. A man of his own principles and strong conviction of his principles. He taught me, inspired me, encouraged me and imparted me positively both consciously and unconsciously. A father, brother, uncle, grandfather and a trusted friend. Religion, tribe, creed, sex, education, knowledge were not barriers. He always saw ‘tomorrow’ in ‘today’ because he had a purpose and a vision. Even at age 69 he was still relevant to society. His almost ten years after retirement looked busier than his hay days. That testifies that he was indeed still relevant. He touched many lives especially those in the communication or journalism peripherals.

He attended the International Institute of Journalism-Berlin College of Solidarity, studied the Science of Journalism, run by the Association of Journalists of the German Democratic Republic and completed on the 27th day of July, 1977. Summary mark accorded to him by the Board of Examiners was; EXCELLENT.
In 1970 he completed his two-year Diploma Course in Journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism-Accra Ghana.

The best adjectives I can use to describe him are selfless, affable and discipline.
He worked at the Ghana News Agency, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Northern Regional Rural Integrated Programme (NORIP), and Real Tamale United (RTU) at various high capacities.
Mr Alhassan Imoru was his name, a retired journalist who passed on, on Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 10 pm.

Six children and four grandchildren are no mean posterity left behind. Not forgetting the fact that one is a lecturer at Coventry University in the United Kingdom (UK) and another, a master degree holder from the same University.
It is painful he is gone but he needs to be celebrated either than mourned.

Rest in peace

 Tribute by Mr. Charles Ayendago, Administrator of Olive School of Journalism
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Renowned celebrities who have endorsed the second term bid of President John Dramani Mahama have intensified their campaigns in most parts of the country ahead of the December 7 polls barely three weeks away.

Over the weekend, John Dumelo, James Gardener, Roslyn Ngissah and other colleagues in the creative arts industry were spotted at the Tamale Market distributing T-shirts and canvassing for votes for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) according to Nash Iddi of

John Dumelo ever since his open endorsement, has been crisscrossing rural communities with the NDC’s Green Book soliciting votes for the party.



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