SIKA’S LOVE FOUNTAIN Season 1 Episode 3 : Josephine Jessica Kus

Season 1 Episode 3

Sugar, hope you are having an awesome day. Did you or are you missing me?. Well, I miss you too. Your kisses, touch, comforting and encouraging words. Please hurry and come to me.
Hun, ever experienced accusations? Maybe you were accused or you did the accusing yourself…..hahahaha, don’t worry. This is not me accusing you. This is me trying to enlighten us all on “accusations”. Most part of this epistle is taken from the book “Those who accuse you”, again by Bishop Dag H.Mills.

Why write about accusations and not any other lovely topic, you might probably be wondering.hmmmm, seen the picture attached to this episode? When I was about snapping it, I made up a little. As you can see honey, it isn’t much of a make up(aside my lips though, hahaha). Well, some friends of mine decided to criticize me(some to my face and some behind my back) because they felt it was too much and didn’t understand why I get up and just decide to make up. I was hurt but being the sanguine that I am, I quickly got over it. By the way, sanguines (hope you know about temperaments) are one of the genuine people you can ever get for a spouse. Please take note and research if you have no idea what a sanguine is (I still love me some smart guy).

Is someone wondering how accusations and criticism became the same thing? Yes please, they are. Accusation has many branches such as Direct allegations, Murmur, Criticism, Sarcasm, Silence etc. Of these, I believe the deadliest would be what I call CSS(criticism,sarcasm and silence). These three can destroy any wonderful relationship. Be it marriage, family, friendship, team, partnership, you name it. I wouldn’t want that for my marriage. No, not when we wouldn’t have done all the do’s and uncovered all there is to uncover like the varieties in all the types of food in marriage (the natural and the God giving type). I know I know, I can have a naughty mind sometimes.

Back to our lesson, you could ask, Are accusations not statements that are true or false? If they are not true, why don’t you just ignore them? You see, it is never as easy as that.
Accusations are anointed from Hell. Accusations are spiritual things. Accusations are tiny arrows loaded with satanic poison. Revelation 12:10
As soon as the poison enters your blood, it spreads through your whole being, attacking your heart. Like some fast-spreading natural poison, you are greatly affected by a seemingly little dart.
I have seen mighty giants of God totally ruffled by unfounded accusations which looked insignificant to the bystander. Such is the power of accusation. It is a puzzling weapon and its effects are mysterious. Truly, accusations are spiritual weapons.
Accusations can be likened to the pouring of Satan’s faeces or urine on relationships.Accusations can be likened to Satan vomiting on precious relationships.
Somehow, these accusations have the effect of dirtying everything. Pure relationships are poisoned by even the slightest accusations! Nothing is ever the same once you have been accused.

I personally have lost amazing relationships due to this thing called accusation. Some amazing friendships ain’t so cool anymore because of it. Again, I believe it played a part in the breaking up of my former relationship with my beloved.

My love, though I would love to talk about criticism,sarcasm and the silence branches of accusations, I equally do not want to bore you with chaw writings. So I will stop here and enlighten you about those later in another episode.

Until then, always speak in love and with love……..
Love you dear husband and as always, I can’t wait to be in your arms.

Written by Josephine Jessica Kussi

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