SIKA’S LOVE FOUNTAIN : Josephine Jessica Kusi

My love, are you taking care of you? Remember I said to take good care of you for me right? I hope you are doing just that….. All ryt!…..

So today, I want to tell you about my breathtaking (my breath was literally taking away. Hahahaha) journey home from church last Sunday. Hubby dear, my Sundays ain’t like any ordinary one. I mean, I don’t have the Sundays where I decide whether go to church or not. Neither do I go to church and get back home by 2:00pm. Naaah, hun! Your wife’s Sundays start at 7 a.m and end mostly around 11 p.m

Okay okay, don’t be scared now. It will definitely change but please don’t expect too much b’cuz ‘asesaa, n3y3’ 8-9 p.m). Hehehehe, baako suro! Agyei (I actually told you that I love my daddy, God very much right?) Well, Sundays are my working days for Him(1 full day out of 7 days isn’t so much fun but that’s the only day ‘Pharaoh’ would let me serve my God fully. So there it is. Just do not fret over this okay.

My story; We all know it rained heavily on that day right? And every Ghanaian if not the whole world, knows how it is with Accra and heavy rains! Dear, Sunday was definitely no different……

As at 2pm, two hours after it started raining, my mum had started calling my phone, trying to see if I was safe. I was in church ooo. Qodesh for that matter but this sweet woman was worried sick about my safety(you can’t blame her you know, its Accra Rain we are talking about). She actually got me promising to close early.
Although deep down, I knew I wasn’t (does this qualify for a lie? I hope it doesn’t). Hahahaha….

Now, after my first rehearsals, I decided to go into the wisdom importation service with my Bishop baako p3, Bishop Dag. Meehhn, it was such an amazing time in God’s presence. He spoke about wisdom 30 (please remind me to tell you about all the ‘wisdoms’ okay!).

Please note that, my amazing mum had not stop calling. She was calling even during the service. So, after the service, I called back only for her to tell me all the roads leading home were being reported to be flooded and ECG too had taking their light. Thus, she begs me, I should leave church immediately.
She sounded hysterical and very worried.
Bae, I had no excuse than to obey her. I was ready to deny my family just so I could carry my cross but I figured, ‘ I am to obey my parents in the Lord………..’. I instantly and quickly sent my pastor a message explaining why I had to skip our prayer meeting. I stepped out and it was raining. I opened my umbrella and started walking……

Sugar, this is where my breathtaking journey started. However, as usual, I do not want to bore you with too much reading. But as I always say, “I love me some smart guy who likes reading and researching. So I will stop here and continue in my next episode okay. I will then tell you how I had to……………….

Until then, keep holding on. I can feel you getting closer and closer. I know we will soon meet.
Be good and stay sweet….

Your wife,
Josephine Jessica Abena Sika Boatemaa Kusi

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