The Upper West Regional Mental Health Coordinator, Randy Sedem Agbodo has suggested that psychotherapy should be infused into retirement policies in Ghana for potential retirees.

Mr Agbodo who was speaking on Radio Upper West’s Youth Focus Programme at Wa hinted that suicide among people who go on retirement is rampant in Ghana because many of them are not prepared for that stage of life. He was speaking on this year’s World Suicide which focused on connect, communicate and care.

World Suicide is marked in September each year to get people sensitized to the repercussions of committing suicide. Statistics from a research conducted by Ghana Network for Anti Suicide and Crisis indicates that one person commits suicide in every forty seconds.

In Ghana, one thousand five hundred and fifty six people committed suicide in 2012 while Upper West Region recorded one hundred and eighteen cases. Mr Agbodo said records shows that people above age sixty and those within twenty-five to thirty five years top the list of suicide in Ghana.

Mr Agbodo said tackling suicide will be effective if people who are due for retirement are given some form of counseling to prepare their minds for that stage of life. He advised Ghanaians to strengthen their family systems in order to be abreast with issues happening in each other’s life.

This he said will help them to provide assistance to those who need them. He also suggested that severe suicide threats be reported to the mental health department of a health facility for therapy.


Savanna Diaries/Lydia Darlington Forjour, Wa

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