Close up with 2016 RTP sole female nominee in the northern sector Radio personality category

SD: Whose is Lydia Darlington Forjour
Lydia Darlington: Just a simple lady who is passionate about media work and obviously works hard to achieve a lot with or without rewards

SD: Tell us about yourself, early childhood and growing up
Lydia Darlington Growing up has been quite difficult. Survival of the fittest but what matters is that I kept my head straight and kept going with the support of my single mother and God

SD: Where did get your tertiary education?
Lydia Darlington: University for Development studies.

SD: We learnt you read Development communication, what motivated your choice..?
Lydia Darlington: Well I have always wanted to be a journalist. Growing up I was always watching Gifty Anti and Aku Shika news casters on Gtv and sometimes mimic them.
I initially chose Environment and Natural Resource, but was always at Communication class even when I had lecture at my end. I chose Environment because friends thought I was brilliant to do communication. But later I pursued what made me happy, Communication.

SD: So who then do you say is your role model
Lydia Darlington: Well, I don’t really have any but just take bits from every good journalist, I learn any good thing that can help me improve

SD: So what is your motivation?

Lydia Darlington: Just to see smiles on the faces of people who I am able to help with my media skills, people who otherwise could not have been heard because they can’t pay to be heard
And I like the little commendations and encouragement I get from people.

SD: How many year have you practice journalism
Lydia Darlington: 3 years, one year with print and two with radio.

SD: We understand you have been nominated for RTP as best journalist for Northern Ghana, with just short time frame in journalism how do you feel?
Lydia Darlington: Excited I should say but beyond that I’m happy someone somewhere has recognised my hardwork. Just for adding me to the nominees, I am very happy although we are eight.
Being the only female in three regions for our category means a lot to me.

SD: Congrats on your domination, but tell us what we should expect from Lydia Darlington
Lydia Darlington: Thank you. I’m hoping I will grab the award. It will serve as a platform for me to soar higher and bring more creativity into my presentation and news making.
Already I think I’m doing so much but it wouldn’t hurt to renovate and add more.  I host interviews, youth focus, a program dedicated to the development of the youth , report and read news, report news for radio Ghana major new , Ghana today and Gtv at times.
I host work happiness, among others. It is a whole packed responsibility and I’m hoping people reward my efforts by voting for me.

SD: We hope so. From the Managing Editor and the whole Savanna Diaries team, we say congratulations on your nomination and we pray you soar higher after grabbing the award for Northern Ghana.

SD: Any acknowledgement or greetings to anyone?

Darlington: Then I’d like to acknowledge my bosses at GBC for their mentoring and support, Seidu Bhomanjo, Sualah Abdul-Wahab, head of news, Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo and Simon Tie and even the lecturers who although I’ve left school still coach me every now and then.

SD: Thank you Miss Lydia Darlington for your time shared with us, we pray that you win whatever category you have been nominated. Thank you very much

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