Unarguably, Ghana is classified under the third world countries in the world.
Visibly, the country is faced with economic, political, social and environmental challenges that hamper it’s growth. The increasing number of graduates being churned out from the countless number of private and public tertiary institutions become jobless as existing jobs are woefully inadequate to accommodate the numbers. Employment has therefore become a burden on successive governments. According to the World Bank, 48% of Ghanaian youth aged between 15-25 are unemployed.

It is with this condition that a group of young graduates have pooled resources together to start up an initiative that will address the challenges of the youth in Northern Ghana and also serve as an employment for them. As a result of this initiative, Northern Voices Ghana, a non-profit youth development oriented organisation came into existence to facilitate the well-being of the youth.

Background: Northern Voices Ghana

Northern Voices Ghana (NVG) is an initiative of four young men; Andani Numan Yakubu (T-Baba), Abdul-Razak Salim, Anas Ibrahim Wumpini, Tuferu Mohammed Habib and Abdul- Razak Dayan who have tasked themselves of narrating stories about Northern Ghana in a professional manner. Northern Voices Ghana is a youth oriented registered organization, with the aim of empowering and serving as a platform to echo the voices of the youth in Northern Ghana. The organisation has also tasked itself to selflessly put in more effort to create a positive change in local communities as well as contribute immensely to bridge the developmental gap between the North and the South. NVG is targeting the energy of the vibrant youth and channel it through the organisation of programs which is useful and capable of shaping a better future for Northern communities.

The Focus and Objectives of NVG:

  1. Outreach: NVG embarks on educational, health and communal outreach as part of their programming.
  2. Documentaries: NVG in tackling communal and societal issues, employs audiovisual approaches in addition to the conventional advocacy campaigns to highlights certain vital topics challenging the Northern communities.
  3. Entertainment: With entertainment becoming an essential part of the lives of youth across Ghana and beyond, NVG resort to this avenue as a force for positive change to engage the youth in funfairs, spelling competitions, quiz competitions, etc.
  4. Promotions: NVG has also taken upon itself to uncover and promote northern act, art and talents such as writers, northern artifacts, and local businesses to the rest of the country and the world at large.


As part of every organisation’s social responsibilities, the organisation owes the community in which it is situated an act of social contribution. It is with this effect that Northern Voices Ghana decided to takes up a sanitation project to clean up some areas within the Tamale Metropolis.

Some pictures from the Clean up exercise 

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Current activities

NVG is currently undertaking an educational outreach project where they visit Senior High Schools to engage them on the pros and cons of higher education, effective ways of studying, extracurricular activities, motivational messages and other topics essential in building them up and improving upon education. NVG employs the services of past students to serve as guest speakers as well as motivators. The maiden event was held at Ghana Senior High School, Tamale (Ghanasco) on the 15th of October this year. The event was attended by about 500 students and staffs. Invited guests were Lawyer Alhaji Mohammed Abdullai Shaibu and Miss Linat Osman, an educationist.

The group then made a stop at Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO) on October 29. Tamale branch manager, Ecobank Ghana, Mr Abdul-Latif Bavug honored the event as the special guest with other old students invited as guests as well. The program saw the presence of over 700 students and staffs.


Some pictures from the event

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Contact Northern Ghana Voices on the following;

Telephone: 0248363370/ 0204192524


Savanna Diaries/Nana Ankobiah

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