A man of wisdom. A selfless man. A committed and dedicated person. A man of his own principles and strong conviction of his principles. He taught me, inspired me, encouraged me and imparted me positively both consciously and unconsciously. A father, brother, uncle, grandfather and a trusted friend. Religion, tribe, creed, sex, education, knowledge were not barriers. He always saw ‘tomorrow’ in ‘today’ because he had a purpose and a vision. Even at age 69 he was still relevant to society. His almost ten years after retirement looked busier than his hay days. That testifies that he was indeed still relevant. He touched many lives especially those in the communication or journalism peripherals.

He attended the International Institute of Journalism-Berlin College of Solidarity, studied the Science of Journalism, run by the Association of Journalists of the German Democratic Republic and completed on the 27th day of July, 1977. Summary mark accorded to him by the Board of Examiners was; EXCELLENT.
In 1970 he completed his two-year Diploma Course in Journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism-Accra Ghana.

The best adjectives I can use to describe him are selfless, affable and discipline.
He worked at the Ghana News Agency, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Northern Regional Rural Integrated Programme (NORIP), and Real Tamale United (RTU) at various high capacities.
Mr Alhassan Imoru was his name, a retired journalist who passed on, on Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 10 pm.

Six children and four grandchildren are no mean posterity left behind. Not forgetting the fact that one is a lecturer at Coventry University in the United Kingdom (UK) and another, a master degree holder from the same University.
It is painful he is gone but he needs to be celebrated either than mourned.

Rest in peace

 Tribute by Mr. Charles Ayendago, Administrator of Olive School of Journalism

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