N/R: Fear of Cholera Outbreak- Residents of Kanvili Cry out

Some residents of Kanvili, a suburb of Tamale, in the Tamale North constituency of the Northern region has described the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the community as abnormal.

The residents bemoaned that they are in great fear of a possible cholera outbreak as their environment is striking with house flies and mosquitoes.

” We are not safe because anything can happen to us in this area, especially our children who are always playing outside” one resident bemoaned.

In an interview with Savanna Diaries, the people indicated that most households around the Business College International (BCI) are the majority into dumping of wastes indiscriminately.

They also urged some students of BCI and other households who are found of dumping refuse in the open to desist from such unacceptable act and as a matter of urgency to always burn after dumping or may dump refuse at the appropriate places.

The residents appealed to the Zoom Lion Company of Ghana and other Stake holders to help them with equipments to sanitise the area.

According to them, proper sanitation in every community is one of the vita tool for a healthy life.




Savanna Diaries/Nlaala Joseph Nwani, Tamale

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