The Gonjaland NDC Youth Caucus, has joined many well meaning comrades to call on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members across Gonjaland and beyond to conduct the ongoing branch elections in peace and to ensure that executives to be elected are dedicated to service and not self-seekers.

We are making this call in the wake of the ongoing reorganization exercise the NDC is embarking on which begun with the re-registration of its members across the country and in the diaspora and to the ongoing polling stations elections.

Pursuant to the NDC election calendar, the branch elections is supposed to start on the 14th April and end on the 30th of April, 2018. So far, there are no serious fallout in any part of the country as far as these exercises are concerned although a few genuine concerns have been noted. We urge all Members to stick to the dictates of NEC in order to achieve victory with a united front come 2020.

GOYCA would want to use this opportunity to call on all members to vote and elect hardworking but dedicated leaders to stir the affairs of the party at the Polling stations. Elections they say are won at the polling stations, so if the leadership at the polling stations are weak and can easily be compromised, we risk losing more votes in subsequent elections.

Election 2020 is a win for the NDC, but that would not be delivered on a silver platter until we work hard for it. The time for complacency is far gone, it is time to work and this must play out in these branch elections.

The Nana Addo/Bawumia government has embarrassed itself and has proven to the Ghanaian that, there is nothing new to offer except to keep introducing illegal taxes, keep borrowing for consumption and keep defending their corruption records. With this, we believe the chances of the NDC in 2020 is brighter but only when we present a united front with a selfless leadership.

By this statement, GOYCA requests its representatives across the Gonjaland Constituencies to monitor the elections and other related
activities and to report on time for any possible interventions.



Issifu Gbedease

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