Indigenes of Chereponi in the Northern Region of Ghana prefers donkeys-cart as a major means of transportation in the township.

These donkey-cart, serve as their commercial trucks which generate income for the owners which in turns better their livelihood.

Majority of the residents in Chereponi and its surrounding villages benefit from this donkey-cart transport business at all times. This softens the financial burden on their households.

Narrating to Savanna Diaries, a resident said the use of donkey-cart to carry goods and to deliver services is more easier as compared to tricycle (motor king) or vehicles.

“The animals are helping us in all our endeavors, so everybody is engaged in its usage ” a resident said.

According to him, a donkey is only free when it is pregnant more than five months whereby it can not carry heavy loads.

He added that, donkeys can travel longer distances to convey good on commercial purposes and their farm produce as they are not dependent on any sort of fuel.





Savanna Diaries/Nlaala Joseph Nwani

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