N/R: Fix our roads or No voting in 2020- Katariga residents warn

The inhabitants of Katariga, a suburb in the Tamale in the Northern regional capital of Ghana, has called on the government to rehabilitate the deadly roads in the community to preventing any untimely accidents.

The major road that links the community to the Tamale central has been in a poor state over the years without any positive intervention from the authority.

In an interview with Savanna Diaries, a resident who spoke under anonymity said the road has been abandoned after John Mahama administration left power, saying party faithful of the NDC promised to rehabilitate the road but yet to see anything happen.

He bemoaned the difficulty involved in plying the roads especially in the raining season.

“We have witnessed several accidents on this road every day and night, involving young men and our school children who don’t have any option than to use it to their various school” a resident said

Some passengers who travel on the road for the purposes of their business activities also expressed bitterly about the bad nature of the road.

They are therefore urging the government to fast track its intervention to reshape the road to save lives or to face their wrath of not voting in the 2020 general elections.




Savanna Diaries/Nlaala Joseph Nwani

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