UE/R: Kolbia Primary School Children sit on bear floor to learn

The situation at the Kolbia Primary School in the Sumburungu community, in the Bolgatanga Municipality, cannot be said to be good and conducive enough for learning and teaching.

The children sit on the bare ground to read and write in class on daily basis. Some children lie on the ground in class, after sitting for long hours and end up sleeping in class.

The situation is worse at the lower primary, where almost every child sits on the bare ground in class to learn.

Some parents have expressed concern over a possible contraction of diseases as a result of continuous inhalation of dust into their body, as they bend towards the dusty ground to write and read from their text or note books.

Apart from sitting on the bare ground, there is also a problem with weak structures in the school. The classrooms have cracked walls and many cavities which could house reptiles.

School Authority is said to have appealed and written letters to call the attention of the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly and the Ghana Education Service to the deplorable conditions at the school and yet, very little has been seen from these bodies.

If the fear and threats of some parents with children in the school are anything to go by, then it can be concluded that, many parents will soon withdraw their children from the school.

The Kolbia Primary School, established some decades ago, has not seen any significant renovation works done on the building, and that has caused the walls to further crack.









Source: a1radio

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