An acute water shortage has hit some major areas under the Tamale metro and Sagnarigu municipal in the Northern Region.

Areas affected include Kanvilli, Tuunayilli, Sakasaka, Fuo, Jisonayilli, Agric, etc.

In a conversation with Savanna Diaries, some residents revealed that they travel far distances in search of water.

According to them, the affected areas face water challenges annually which they believe needs urgent intervention by the authorities.

“… as you can see now we are all competing for water. Some of us spend more hours searching for water but we are not even sure of getting some” a resident said.

However, Tuunayilli has become one of the most affected communities each year. The residents are however, as a matter of urgency pleading with the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to check on their pipelines to ensure frequent flow of water to the affected areas.






Savanna Diaries/Nlaala Joseph Nwani

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