N/R: Kpeegu, Bungeng communities cry for water

An acute water shortage has hit some areas in Saboba district in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The affected communities includes Bungeng, Labaldo, Kpeegu and other surrounding communities within the district.

Residents of these communities have expressed disappointment over what they call negligence by successive governments to provide them with portable drinking water.

Confirming the situation to Savanna Diaries’ Nlaala Joseph, a resident of Bungeng who gave his name as John, said the community is a predominant farming community that relies on streams as their source of drinking water.

He noted that their daily activities especially farming is under improvement due to the fact that they spend long hours searching for water.

He however revealed that the people of the above mentioned communities have been sharing their only source of water with livestock which dries out during dry seasons.

He therefore urged the assembly members for the affected communities to liaise with authorities and other benevolent bodies in the district to ensure that the people get water.







Savanna Diaries/Nlaala Joseph Nwani

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