Bolgatanga Central NDC Chairman accuses secretary of unleashing ‘thugs’ on him

It seems there are deep cracks in the rank and file of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Bolgatanga Central Constituency of Upper East Region after its parliamentary election.

This comes after the Constituency Chairman, George Ayanore was nearly beaten up by some irate party supporters.

The angrily looking party supporters had accused the chairman of persuading delegates to vote for George Gamson, who was Isaac Adongo main contender.

The Constituency Secretary, Roland Atanga Ayoo who spoke to A1 News during the Saturday’s election said the Mr. Ayanore was openly seen canvasing votes for his favorite candidate while voting was ongoing

“The constituency chairman was shaking people’s hands and asking them to vote for number 2 and that angered the delegates, so he had to be hooted at and was whisked by the police… The evidence was clear; he had done that to two or three people”, Mr. Ayoo alleges.

Mr. Roland Atanga Ayoo


Mr. Ayanore who is standing accused however denied the allegation said “it is never true, he lied, it is just an allegation just to tarnish my image”.

He suspects the secretary who actively opposed his bid to lead the party during the constituency executive election last year orchestrated and unleashed the thugs on him.

“I know those people to be people who did not support my course when I was campaigning to become the constituency chairman. They were supporting another candidate. And because of the fact that their candidate lost, they have been peeved since 2018. So, I think that was just an opportunity for them to disturb me. Precisely, he [Ayoo] is connected to those people. I don’t know he masterminded it [the attack] or not but the fact that he was giving credence to it means that he is supporting those people. I am telling you the fact…I didn’t do it that day and I will never do it anytime”, Mr. Ayanore revealed.

Mr. Ayanore who was hooted at said his hard earned reputation has been dented and he will first follow the party’s structures and if possible take legal action to redeem his image.

“I will not bypass the party hierarchy so that it can be investigated for them to clear my name because it has actually dented my image. I am not ruling [legal action] out, but for now I have to depend the party process”.

Special Aid to the chairman, Timothy Ataaya who said he was at the venue of the election refuted the claims.

“I want to use this opportunity to send a word to the general public to disregard the allegation. I also want to entreat NDC members that we have a battle ahead and that is the 2020 general elections which we need to wrestle power from the incompetent Akufo-Addo administration”.

Mr. Ataaya described comments by the secretary as “political immature” which is still hovering on his neck because his favorite for the chairmanship slot lost the last year constituency executive election.

The aid admonished members of the party to remain united and support the incumbent MP, Isaac Adongo as well as other elected candidates and former president John Dramani Mahama in order to recapture power in the general elections.



















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