UE/R: Kalbeo residents to fight any government representative using their road

Residents of Kalbeo in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region have vowed to fight any government representative that comes to their community or use their abandoned road to conduct any official duty.

Their threat follows the numerous calls that they have made to successive governments to reconstruct the only bridge that links them to their farms, and to the market, which has been abandoned closed to ten years and now at a point of collapsing.

According to them, the current state of the bridge is now a death trap to all pedestrians because the concrete structure which used to hold it firmly is now broken leaving the iron rods exposed following heavy down pours in recent time.

The sad residents who spoke to A1 Radio, in Bolgatanga, explained that the current state of the bridge indicates that government has no plans of addressing their plight hence do not want to see any government representative using the road.

They also noted that they will not hesitate to use their last strength to fight any government representative who will use their road to conduct their official duties because they (government representatives) presumably agreed that the road and the dilapidated bridge are not of importance to them, the reasons they have failed to address their plight.

Meanwhile efforts were made to contact the Department of Urban Roads in the region but unsuccessful.

















Source: www.a1radioonline.com

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